Below is a few frequently asked questions regarding our change of class request procedure. If you are unable to find an answer for your query below, please do not hesitate to contact us!

"I need to change my child's day and/or time."

If you need to change your child’s day and/or time for the new term, then its not a problem. All you need to do is pay for the current class they are and fill out the change request form.
Change Request Form

"Do I have to pay before I know my change is successful?"

Yes. While we understand that your child may not be able to stay in the class you are paying for, this does let us know that you are returning for the next term and secures a space for them.
Change Request Form

"What will happen if my change request is unsuccessful?"

If we are unable to action your change request, we will get in contact you and proceed through the following process.
  • Discuss with you all our availability to see if there is another suitable class for you, with a priority request to move as soon as there is availability.
  • Keep you in your current class, with a priority request to move as soon as there is availability.
  • In a worse case scenario, we will refund you fully for the term you have paid for and we will aim to get you back into classes as soon as possible.
Change Request Form

"When will I know about my change request?"

Change requests are processed after the re-enrolment deadline and we will be able to contact you thereafter.
Change Request Form

"My Child will be going into reception in September and currently attends Diamonds classes."

For our pre-school members who are starting school, the process is as follows:
  • Pay for the current class you are in for September. While we know you will not be returning to this class, this lets us know you want to return for our next term.
  • Fill out a change request form for your preferred day/s and time/s in our after-school Novice program. Please feel free to contact us if you are unsure on times of these.
 After the final day of re-enrolment, we will be in contact with you regarding whether your change request is successful or not.
If successful, you will receive a top up email for your new class. This is due to the increased cost in class for our Novice program.
If unsuccessful, we will contact you with all alternative spaces available to get you booked in and in worse case, we will fully refund you and place you on a priority list to get you in as soon as space becomes available in your preferred day/s and time/s.
If you are in a weekend class please complete a change request even if you are not looking to change day and time.
Change Request Form

"My child is now 3 and needs to move into Diamonds."

If your child is 3 years – reception age, they can move to our parent free Diamond classes. if you haven’t been in contact with us already, please fill in a change request form for this.
Once the re-enrolment deadline has passed we will be able to process this request for you. If you unsure your child is ready for the next stage, please contact us.
Change Request Form

"I have been told that my child is ready to move up."

If you have been told by our team that your child is ready to move up but have been unsuccessful during the term, please fill out a change request form.
We will already have notes in our system that your child is ready to move up and by doing so, will highlight this to us further and update our system if your availability has changed.
Change Request Form

"I want to change between locations, is this possible?"

Changing locations is not a problem at all and is subject to availability of spaces at the other location. All you need to do is state in the notes section of your change request submission, that you would like this change.
Timings of classes may vary between the 2 locations so feel free to contact us if you need further information.
Change Request Form

"If I want to change during a term, how do I do this?"

If you are looking to change class during a term, please get in contact with us directly for us to be able to action this for you as soon as possible.
If we do not have space at that time we can put you on our class waiting list and get in contact with you as soon as we have availability.

"Do I lose my current space when requesting a change?"

Not at all! Your space in that class is secured and only when we have completed a successful change will they be removed.
If your request is unsuccessful for any reason, they will stay in that space until we have contacted you regarding alternative options.

"Can you guarantee my change request will be successful?"

Unfortunately not. While we will try our very best to action your request, if all members re-enrol into their spaces we will be unable to action your change but will go through alternative options with you at that point.

"Can I request multiple days and/or times?"

Absolutely! Feel free to list all your availability within the notes section of the change request form.
Change Request Form

"I want my child's sibling in at the same time."

If both children are members with us, please fill out a request form for each and state in the note section that you would like to have both children at the same time.
Change Request Form
If your child’s sibling is not a member with us, please fill out a new member enrolment form for them if you haven’t already done so. We will be working through our waiting lists after our change requests have been completed.
Enrolment Form