From primary school aged children to 15 years, 1 hour 45 minute, After-school classes:

This is the third stage of progression for your child in our recreational programme. Our Advanced classes will work through our category based, bespoke awards scheme in these 1 hour and 45-minute sessions.
This award scheme focuses on skill categories within the gym and the working through the more complex skills associated with our Olympic sized equipment. In addition to this, advanced gymnasts are given the opportunity to compete at inter-club competition level.

Whats Involved?

Through our terms, your child will work through our bespoke awards system with 6 different skill category medals to collect. These skills are designed to progressively challenge your child through our fun sessions, led by our experienced coaches. Our advanced members also have the opportunity to compete in inter-club competitions around the area.
In our Summer term, your child will have the opportunity to experience a different side of gymnastics, with our sessions focused on using the skills they have learned and putting them in routines. With our optional Club Championships at the end of July, your child will have the opportunity to experience the competitive side of gymnastics, in a relaxed and fun setting.

Our Focus skills

Working through our bespoke awards system, found below, your child will work through a range of skills and achieve multiple goals throughout the term. Working through progressions, coach supporting and feedback from our coaches, we aim to provide your child with the very tools needed to complete these skills on their own.
Advanced Award Skills

The Benefits

These classes provided our members with the opportunity to develop their strength, flexibility and co-ordination whilst learning a range of new skills. With our awards system, our members can set their goals on passing all levels and collecting an eco-friendly medal for each one.
As a competitive aspect is an optional part of all of our recreational classes, this gives the children an opportunity to develop their confidence by pushing themselves out of their comfort zone.


What happens at the first class?

Please arrive approximately no earlier than 5 minutes before the class and ensure your child is on time to start promptly. Our coaches will register your child at the entrance and lead them into the gym to start their class. Any parents/guardians attending are able to spectate the sessions in our viewing area or they can drop-off and pick up, if they choose to do so.


What does my child need to wear?

There is no specific dress code for our classes but please ensure that:
·        Clothes comfortable to move in (i.e. T-shirt and shorts, leggings, joggers or a leotard).
·        Any long hair is tied up and out of the members eyes.
·        Any jewellery removed or taped if unable to be removed.
·        They will be barefoot in the gym so no socks are required.
·        Please ensure they attend in easy on/off footwear that can be removed by your child on their own.


Are parents/guardians allowed in the class with their children?

No, as parents of these classes are not covered by insurance, our afterschool classes are completely independent and led by our experienced coaches.


What happens once my child has completed an award level?

Once a award has been achieve, your child will be given a slip of the category that they have passed, which can then be taken to the office if you wish to purchase the medal (cost:£2.50). Your child works continually through all 6 awards, with their progress recorded. When all 6 have been completed, our team will be in contact to discuss next steps with you.


Does my child have to compete in the annual club championships or inter-club competitions?

All competitions are completely optional events. With Club Championships, we aim to keep it as fun as possible and ensure that it is a fun introduction to the competitive side of gymnastics, with the opportunity for parents to spectate on the day and see what their child has been working on in our classes. Inter-club competitions offer the opportunity for gymnasts to further push out of their comfort zone and compete around the area.


What happens if we need to miss a lesson?

If you miss a session due to serious medical reasons or injury and we are informed ahead of time we can credit those missed sessions for the next term. Unfortunately if a class is missed for any other reason, the session will be unable to be reimbursed.


Our classes cost £16.00 per 1hour 45 minute session and fees are paid termly. The total cost of a term varies depending on the number of sessions in a term.
For new members, there is an annual insurance cost of £9.00 (maximum) and renews every September.
Please see our term results via the button below.
Term Dates

Class Timetable

Monday – Friday

17:45 – 19:30


13:30 – 14:45


13:00 – 14:15

please note: this is a copy of our class timetable not our class availability.