Sapphire Coaching Academy

If you are serious about a career and or teaching, then furthering your skills and gaining valuable experience is essential. The Sapphire Gymnastics Coaching Academy is the place to be!

No Gymnastics background necessary…The role calls for an energetic, fun-loving person who has a natural ability to put smiles on the faces of young children and enjoys being active.

At Sapphire Gymnastics, we will support you with unique coaching & volunteering opportunities, funding for qualifications and an extensive program of training and development.

Sapphire Gymnastics is one of the largest Gymnastics clubs in the country with over 2000 members signed up between it’s two locations.

Our Coaching Academy is available to any 14 year old + who may be interested in learning about coaching, working with children or even wanting to do some work experience.

Opportunities will range from volunteering alongside our experienced mentors and delivering coaching to a range of ages and abilities all the way to paid work prospects and UKCC coaching qualifications.

If you are interested in becoming involved in our Coaching Academy or want to learn more about it please contact our office on 01442 230077 for more information.

I first got involved in Sapphire Gymnastics Coaching Academy to improve my CV and to gain some work experience.  I now have a coaching qualification, am teaching my own classes and have made so many new friends!

Lauren aged 15.

Gymnastic Classes at Sapphire