Sport Centre Party Details

Parties available every Saturday from 4pm and every Sunday from 1pm.

Party Food Order

Party Types


4 fully qualified coaches provided. 10 -15 mins warm-up. The children are then divided into groups and taken around the equipment.


(Pre-school and special needs only) 1 fully qualified coach. Play as you wish in the gym. Parental assistance required. N.B. No responsibility is taken by the club for any occurence during a non-structured party.

Party Costs

Structured Party
£155 for up to and including 20 children.
£170 for up to and including 25 children.
£185 for up to and including 30 children.

Non-Structured Party - £155
The limit for this type of party is 30 children.

Included in the cost

1 hour gymnastics party. Use of club room for party food. Party Invitations. Gym Info Catering Options

Cancellation Policy

No refunds will be given if a party is cancelled by you within 14 days of the party date.


Gym Info

Gym Facilities

2 vaults. A set of rings. 2 sets of asymmetric bars. A pit bar. A trampoline. A trampette. Floor area. 4 beams. Pit area. Most of this equipment will be used during both types of party.

Club Room Facilities

A sink with drinking water. A microwave. Kettle, fridge, table and chairs. If you use the club room you must leave it in a clean and tidy state.

Additional Information

Children under 3 years must be accompanied by an adult. It is a good idea to get the children to arrive 5-10 minutes before the party starts.

Children can remove shoes and socks and put them in the foyer before the party begins. It is also an opportunity to take the children to the toilet.

The club room is offered to all party bookings FREE OF CHARGE for use after your gymnastics party for 45 minutes only.

Please arrange for your guests to be collected after 30 minutes in the club room to give yourself 15 minutes to tidy up as there is normally another party waiting to set up their food after you.

Party Food Order

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