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Sapphire’s Next Generation Shine

Start of the new school year also brings with it the start of the gymnastics competitive season. With our youngest competitors up first, the Hertfordshire level 6 & 5 championships were held on the 10th of September. These events help build the foundation of skills for these gymnasts, helping create the next generation of big name talents. Sapphire Gymnastics had many stand out performers and even some age group champions from Agnes Hinde, Olivia Kilby and Kristina Ball. Lauren Gawronski, Isobel Davies, Matilda Price, Alyssa Krausz, Emilie Turnock, Rose Johnson and Maddison Dixon also put in fantastic performances and some really stand out routines to make their coaches proud. The girls will now be looking forward to test their abilities against the rest of the East region later next month.

Matilda Price, Olivia Kilby, Isobel Davies, Rose Johnson, Agnes Hinde and Lauren Gawronski

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